At ESST we believe that revival must impact every area of society and we want to see believers equipped to walk in power, authority and purity as they represent a very good God in their sphere of influence and bring life to their communities.

We believe that transformed people, transform nations.

We are passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come to earth and love training and equipping people to bring heaven to earth. It is only as we discover our true identity as sons and daughters of the King that we can walk in the compassion and power that Scotland needs. It is possible to live a naturally supernatural life everyday, a lifestyle of miracles. We want to raise up a people who live aware of God’s presence and are ready to bring encounters with the living God to the people around them. For this to happen we must be personally transformed by God’s love time and time again, experience his goodness and grow in intimacy with our Father. Time in His presence leaves us forever changed.


“Jo and Neil Thompson are true revivalists! I have seen them walk in power, purity, love, and grace throughout their time at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding. They are a dynamic couple who demonstrate passion and persistent faith in God. If you want to grow in your identity in Christ, be extravagantly loved by the Father, and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, I highly recommend attending Edinburgh School of Supernatural Transformation (ESST) and joining Jo & Neil in their pursuit of a good God.”
Amy Jackson, Former School Planting & Development, Director Bethel Church of Redding