The following dates are provisional and are subject to minor changes.


Sat 8Sat 13Sat 10Sat 1Wed 9Sat 2Sat 9Sat 11
Wed 12Wed 10Wed 14Wed 12Fri 11 & Sat 12Wed 13Wed 13Wed 10Wed 15
Sat 29Sat 27Sat 24Christmas breakSat 26Sat 23Sat 30Sat 27Sat 25

Unless otherwise notified we will meet in St Mungo’s Church building, Ladycroft, Balerno, EH14 7AG.

Saturdays will be from 9.30am – 4.30pm. There will be worship, teaching, small group time, outreach, activation, testimonies and time in the presence of God. The Wednesday evening sessions will be from 7.30pm and will be primarily focussed on worship, learning to host God’s presence and following the leading of the Spirit.

Throughout the school year students will be invited to attend St Mungo’s evening service, 6:30-8pm. This helps to give a local church setting in which to see modelled some of what students are learning. This is not part of our attendance requirements but as the school year progresses there may be opportunity to provide ministry as part of these services. Ideally we want to see a local church expression of what we learn.

There will be an overnight retreat where the staff and students will spend some quality time together.

As part of the school there will be an overnight retreat where the staff and students will spend some quality time together, getting to know one another more and receive teaching and impartation from guest speakers. The date for this years retreat is Friday 11th January 2018-Saturday 12th January 2018. It will commence on the Friday evening and will finish on the Saturday evening. We view the retreat as a significant part of the school and as such ask students to make attendance at the retreat a priority.