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Husband, father, ESST director, worship leader. Passionate about the Kingdom.

Change is here to stay

The times they are a’ changing! As they often say the only constant in our life is change.

Our school was birthed out of a vision for our nation. We are passionate about the possibility of transformed lives impacting where we live. Since 2013 we have been investing in the lives of all God would […]

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Nothing is Impossible

We are a supernatural school. Whilst we know this very word puts people of it is such an important part of who we are. After all we do serve a supernatural God. Our God is unlimited, and yet how often does our thinking or our expectations become limited.

As humans we like things neat and […]

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Empowered and Free

Have you ever stopped and thought about the way Jesus led his disciples. Or more broadly the way he treated people. That is where our next core value has it’s basis.

Jesus always treated people with dignity and recognised both their immense value to God and also their ability to self govern. Ever wondered why […]

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Faith Requires Risk

And so to core value number 7. As human beings we have a tendency towards comfort. We tend to avoid pain, discomfort or challenge as much as possible if left to our own devices. Even when we have taken a big risk, perhaps to start something new, we still tend towards safety, predictability and […]

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Serve with Excellence

So we come to core value number 6! We have a huge heart to see nations transformed but our method may not look how you might expect. We believe that Jesus is our model for changing the world. His message brought such radical hope, freedom and life to the world. Life would never be […]

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Calling Out The Gold

Everyday we get bombarded with bad news. Education environments encourage us to critique everything. Social media attempts to embroil us in dogmatic disagreements. It is within this cultural backdrop that Paul’s words from Philipians stand in sharp contrast.
“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is […]

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Honour Affirms Value

Honour is a word you will hear a lot in our school environment. In the fourth of our blog series on our core values we wanted to share about what we mean when we talk about honour. For some it may feel like a rather impersonal or old fashioned thing to talk about honour. […]

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Celebrating Others

This is the third of our core values as a school. If our first two values establish key cultural values concerning God we now turn to how it affects our relationships. The values we have in relationships are in many ways our response to discovering the goodness of God and his captivating presence.

As we […]

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Valuing His Presence

The second of our core values has a big impact on our environment. We want everything we do to centre around the presence of God. God with us, marks us. Personal experience says that we can easily create structures, content, and information packed schools which would operate quite easily without God. We want to […]

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The Goodness of God

Right at the top of our list of core values as a school we place the Goodness of God. For us it has such importance it must be number one. It also has one of the biggest impacts on the rest of our values and our environment.

Experience tells us that most people in church […]

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