Throughout history story telling has always been a powerful way of sharing information and for creating and passing on culture. Long before the internet, the printing press and even written language there existed stories. Huddled by fires, in houses and huts with families and friends. Personally I love telling our daughter stories before bed – such a precious time. She gets so captivated and involved. Even though she is only little her imagination takes her to amazing places in a story.

We care deeply about stories at ESST, not just bed time stories though! We care about God stories or as we call them testimonies. Stories of what God has done and what he is doing. We love to record them as audio, on video, on paper, collated in books and even in categorised in spreadsheets! We love to share them at any given opportunity and we especially love to be a part of them.

Today we wanted to give you some of the reasons we love testimony.

1. Testimony reminds us

I don’t know about you but forget things, often. I even forget important things. I find myself highly dependent on phone reminders and calendars – they have saved my bacon more than once!

When it comes to our faith and our relationship with God we so often forget who God is. Israel fell into this trap regularly and so do we. We need constant reminders that our God is a good father, a loving, merciful, compassionate and powerful King with a heart to impact our world with his world (heaven). Testimonies remind of these things. Each act of God reveals the nature of God.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
    yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. Psalm 77:11

2. Testimony inspires us

No one has ever been too encouraged. Maybe it is just me that loves encouragement!

When I hear the stories of what God has done and is doing I am always inspired and drawn into worship. Having just heard of God’s healing power I am inspired to see for myself God work in such a way. After hearing the stories of men and women who have trusted God with everything and seen God do incredible things I am ready to do the same.

No one will keep you inspired but you. Don’t wait on someone else to inspire you to the greatness God is inviting you into – take hold of testimony and use it to fuel your passion now.

Encourage yourself – give yourself courage.

3. Testimony invites God

When we study the root of the Hebrew word used in the bible for testimony we discover it means to repeat, or to do again. Testimonies not only tell a story they invite the story to continue. What God has done once he will do again. He wants to work in and through all his children not just some elect ones.

Spend some time sharing stories and testimonies of what God has done and wait for the atmosphere in the room to change. As we share about God we invite his very presence to come. When we share of his healing power his presence is there to heal. When we share of the way he has dealt with shame in our lives he is there to do the same for others in the room.

We like to say testimony creates a landing place for God.

Story time

Testimonies are amazing. They remind and inspire us and invite God to move. The challenge for all of us is to be like my little girl, captivated and involved in the stories of God. What an exciting attitude to take and what an amazing adventure we are invited to explore.

What steps can you take to harness the power of testimony in your life?