This is the third of our core values as a school. If our first two values establish key cultural values concerning God we now turn to how it affects our relationships. The values we have in relationships are in many ways our response to discovering the goodness of God and his captivating presence.

As we discover more of God’s heart towards ourselves we discover that he is celebrating us. Our response is to start to view people as he sees them. So we look for every opportunity to celebrate people!

We Celebrate Who They Are

Firstly we want to celebrate people for who they are uniquely created to be. There is no-one else like them and no-one else will ever be like them. Their unique personality, perspective on life and the way they interact with God and others. There is also a call to celebrate the truth the bible gives us for each child of God. How often do we forget?

We Celebrate Their Journey

We are all on a journey. A journey into wholeness, into intimacy with God. So often our journey is about discovering more about ourselves and starting to take risk to do something creative which uses their personality and talents.

As a parent watching their child starting to walk, as people take little baby steps in our environment we want to jump up and down and tell the world! Who doesn’t need a coach or an encourager to step beyond our comfort zone and discover more of the fullness Jesus died to bring us?

Call us naive if you want, but we believe that what people need most is to be celebrated not criticised. Like our Father in Heaven we want to celebrate people as they take the smallest steps forward.