The times they are a’ changing! As they often say the only constant in our life is change.

Our school was birthed out of a vision for our nation. We are passionate about the possibility of transformed lives impacting where we live. Since 2013 we have been investing in the lives of all God would bring us and have seen great fruit, for which we are amazingly humbled and thankful.

God began speaking to us last year about this vision and calling us back to the seeds of purpose that first called us to start something like this school. As we began to dream and listen to the prophetic voices in our lives we felt like change was going to be needed. We feel we are being asked by God to invite a nation into transformation.

ESST has been running since 2013 with a very similar structure, something we have always regularly reviewed. Until now this structure has served us well, for what is coming however we feel we need to adjust. Not because the current model was broken but simply in our desire to be obedient to what God is about to do.

We want to be able to invite a wider audience into our culture, an environment which God continues to honour with his presence and the miraculous. We have increasingly found hungry people travelling from hours away to come to us. A sacrifice we honour and admire. In response we want to reduce the regularity we meet whilst maintaining the momentum and intensity of our current school. So this is how the new model facilitates us inviting a nation.

The old model has us meeting 2 Saturdays a month from Sep-May, plus a monthly Wednesday night.

The change is that now will have 3 weekend intensives. These will be all day Friday and all day Saturday and happen in Nov, Feb and May. In between these we will be offering local hub expressions. These will not be held centrally but rather meet locally in small groups facilitating local application and community building.

We are excited about what God will do as we light flames of renewal in communities across our nation. Maybe this could be your year to join us?

We invite you to join us in our pursuit of God and his Kingdom in Scotland and further afield.