Have you ever stopped and thought about the way Jesus led his disciples. Or more broadly the way he treated people. That is where our next core value has it’s basis.

Jesus always treated people with dignity and recognised both their immense value to God and also their ability to self govern. Ever wondered why he asks sick people what they want him to do? He wanted them to express their own need rather than make assumptions about what they want. He treated people as powerful to make their own decisions and held people responsible for how they shaped their life through their decisions.

He never attempted to manipulate people towards a goal he had in mind. He never had bad motives in his conversations. He valued peoples freedom even to the point where they could reject a loving relationship with their creator, the very thing they were made for.

God desires that none should perish and yet he still enables people to make their own decision. He wants those who freely choose him daily. Without freedom can people really love?

Jesus was also incredibly quick to give his disciples authority and power in his name. He didn’t wait until they had everything figured out before giving them a critical mission with incredible divine power. And guess what, they didn’t always get it right. They even suggested wiping out entire villages in the name of God.

For most of us this level of empowerment makes us nervous.

As a school we want to lean in to empowerment like Jesus. We don’t want to wait until everyone is “mature” before we release them into ministry. We want people to mature AS they do ministry. We also want to value people’s free choice. We want to create an environment of freedom where people choose to grow. We often say that our students get out of the school what they put in. Or in other words, their experience depends largely on their choices.

If we are going to impact our nation we need people who value their responsibility and freedom and who grow as they go.