Honour is a word you will hear a lot in our school environment. In the fourth of our blog series on our core values we wanted to share about what we mean when we talk about honour. For some it may feel like a rather impersonal or old fashioned thing to talk about honour. We are not talking about some gentleman’s definition of what it means to be polite. For us honour has come to capture so much of the way we seek to treat others.

The starting place, as for so many of our values is to reflect on how God interacts with us as his children. Ultimately this is most clearly revealed on the cross. The cross reveals both the depth of the problem faced by humanity but also the lengths to which God would go to reveal how he sees us. He paid the ultimate price – the death of his son. The cost of this is unsurpassable and so also reveals the unsurpassable worth he places in each person. What would it look like to create an environment where we learn to see and treat people according to the unsurpassable value God ascribes them.

For us we want to honour everyone, the bible tells us to honour each other but our primary motivation is to reflect God’s heart. We choose to honour people, out of an internal desire to be honourable people. When we choose to act like this towards people we start to ascribe value to them as God does. It is an internal decision, so in the same way our heavenly father continues to love and value us when we behave less than our potential, we choose to honour even those who dishonour us. Something that is only possible as we personally discover the love of God for ourselves.

For us honour looks like seeing the person as God created them, with their unique personality and purpose. We learn from the story of creation that mankind was created in the image of God. What an amazing truth. This means there is something of God’s image to be found in each of us, however hidden it may be by past hurts and poor decisions. When we choose to honour people we find we are able to help them discover more of their potential and how they reflect God. As an amazing byproduct we then get to see something of God revealed in the people around us. Each person in your life has the potential to help you encounter something of God’s nature and heart. Everyone is an image bearer.

Honour is not an easy choice but it does create an environment of accelerated growth. When we honour people, we choose to see past their failings, as God does. We honour them for who they are without stumbling over who they are not. Most people when faced with their potential, rise to reach it.

A culture of honour is an exciting, dynamic and life bringing place. As we learn and grow lives of honour we reflect the astounding value God places in each of us. What an absolute honour.

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