We are a supernatural school. Whilst we know this very word puts people of it is such an important part of who we are. After all we do serve a supernatural God. Our God is unlimited, and yet how often does our thinking or our expectations become limited.

As humans we like things neat and tidy. Whatever we learn we like to put in boxes. Whenever something doesn’t fit in our box we have a choice. We either ignore it or we have to build a new box.

As I said our God is supernatural. Yet this description only makes sense from our limited human perspective. For God every miracle, every expression of love is perfectly natural. For God there really is no supernatural, only natural. Or to put it another way, there is no impossible only possible.

If you were to cut out the miracles from the bible you really wouldn’t be left with much. They fill the pages and books and lead the narrative from start to end. The central event, the death and resurrection of Jesus, is completely miraculous.

If we are not careful these events can lose some of their shock and surprise as we grow familiar with them. Imagine being there the first time someone was raised from the dead, or when Jesus rubbed spit and mud in an eye to heal a blind man, or when Jesus first healed someone from a distance or walked on water. Without a precedent the shock would be even greater! At the end of John’s gospel we learn that Jesus did so many things that hardly any of them have been captured! Imagine the miracles we don’t know about.

As a school we want to train ourselves to always be looking for God to do the impossible. When we see a sickness, a trial or an impossibility can we set our hearts to remember that nothing is impossible for God.

This has to move beyond merely acknowledging God can do anything to an expectation that God is about to do something. As we train our minds in this way we start to get excited even in the midst of the hardest challenges. We like to ask ourselves, what will God do now? We are called to set our mind on things above, to think from a heavenly, unlimited perspective. How often do we prefer to think about situations purely from our limited human perspective.

As a people we are having our minds renewed with the expectation that nothing is impossible!