We have a big vision to see sons and daughters raised up to bring transformation to our nation. That visions starts with the culture we build within our school. Our culture is designed to be a place where people are accelerated in their growth, built up in hope and sent out to be a Kingdom influence. Our core values are a key part of establishing our culture. They define the things we feel strongest about, the behaviours and actions we want to encourage.
So here are our core values. On their own they might not make sense to you but stay posted as we share more about each of these.

  1. The goodness of God
  2. Valuing His presence
  3. Celebrating others
  4. Honour affirms value
  5. Calling out the “gold”
  6. Serve with excellence
  7. Faith requires risk
  8. Empowered and free
  9. Nothing is impossible