So we come to core value number 6! We have a huge heart to see nations transformed but our method may not look how you might expect. We believe that Jesus is our model for changing the world. His message brought such radical hope, freedom and life to the world. Life would never be the same again. But his method looked like seeing the world through eyes of compassion and reaching out to help the poor and broken. He stopped for the lowly, he brought healing power to the hurting and he stooped to wash the feet of his disciples.

Leadership and influence starts with being a servant of all. We transform our families, our communities and the lives of others by humbly serving them – an expression of radical love. The most incredible man ever to live was never too big to stop and welcome children.

In our desire to be like Christ we must serve the people in our lives. This service must never come from a place of duty and performance. As though we could impress God with our service, or somehow earn his love. Instead we want to release an army of humble lovers. A people captivated by the heart of a Father who can’t help but serve as an overflow of His abundant ever flowing love. Grace is freely received and freely given. We don’t serve as those with nothing, but with those who have discovered our identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings. As Bill Johnson puts it so eloquently:

Rule with the heart of a servant. Serve with the heart of a King.

One of our fundamental values is one of service – serving one another as a community and serving those whom we seek to reach with the love of Christ.

When it comes to our service we want our attitude to be healthy. We want our serving to be done with excellence. Excellence is an expression of God’s abundant creativity within us. We want to serve wholeheartedly, unreservedly and to the best of our ability. Once again not from a foundation of performance but security and acceptance. In pursuing excellence we reveal something of the Father. A God whose creativity and eye for detail and beauty is seen all around us everyday in creation.

We desire that our school is a culture of humble excellence. Beauty and compassion poured in and overflowing in our community. A reflection of our humble King, Jesus.