Right at the top of our list of core values as a school we place the Goodness of God. For us it has such importance it must be number one. It also has one of the biggest impacts on the rest of our values and our environment.

Experience tells us that most people in church have little problem saying that God is good. It is a phrase most Christians will gladly confess. After all it is said several times in the bible. We tend to find that the real challenge comes when we start to flesh out what we mean when we say that God is good. Many are willing to say God is good but he also sends people cancer to teach them a lesson. People hold such views without much thought to how they are diluting the goodness of God.

When God decided to communicate what he was like he gladly used the word good, understanding how this small but powerful word would be understood by us. If he had meant to include things that the majority of people would describe as bad within his definition of good, surely another word would have done.

When we say that God is good we mean that it is his very nature. Everything he does is good and not in an abstract way that includes many bad things. He does not send sickness to teach people a lesson, rather he sent his son Jesus to teach sickness a lesson. God is not looking to catch you out in life, he is not an angry authority figure, he is not looking to punish you.

Jesus is the exact representation of God (as the writer of Hebrews tells us) and Jesus came to reveal that God is a father. Not a mean, closefisted and distant father but one who is defined by love, generous beyond our imagination and closer than we know. The kind of father who runs to embrace his lost and broken son the moment he sees him so that he might celebrate!

The good news is that God is good, his intentions towards you are good, his actions towards you are good and his very nature is good. We are expectant for the gifts he lavishes on us, the unsurpassable love he displays towards us and we approach him with confidence knowing he welcomes us with open arms.

When the goodness of God moves from head knowledge to experience we start to really know just how good our father is.

The goodness of God is everything to us, it shapes our view of God, which in turn shapes our view of our world. He is not angry with us, he is for us. No matter how good you think he is, we can guarantee you he is even better!