The second of our core values has a big impact on our environment. We want everything we do to centre around the presence of God. God with us, marks us. Personal experience says that we can easily create structures, content, and information packed schools which would operate quite easily without God. We want to purposely create a school where that is not possible. We want to create an environment where everything is done in response to God with us.

We seek to constantly draw peoples attention back to the fact that we are not just singing songs or listening to talks we are engaging with God throughout. We want the voice of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit to be welcome in everything. So that might mean we change our plans.

We never want to idolise the spontaneous as though it somehow competes with our planning (where God speaks also!) but we do recognise that God likes to interact with us in the midst of what we are doing, responding to our hearts.

Worship forms a large part of our school culture. Some students coming into our environment find extended times of worship awkward at first but so often by the end of the year an hour in worship seems too short. We never get bored when we are with the person we are in love with – it energises us – so why should it be any different with God?

We are learning to be worshippers now in practice for Heaven. Much like Moses we recognise that it is the presence of God that sets us apart as a people, without it we are simply trying to live in our own strength. All the gifts and all the power we could ever hope to walk in comes from intimacy in his presence. We are learning what it is to host God in our personal lives, every moment conscious of his goodness and his nearness. Our prayer is that this overflows into our school and into our homes, our families, our work places and our nation.

“We don’t seek God’s power, we seek His presence. His power & everything else we need is always found in His presence.” John Wimber