The excitement was building as we headed to the airport. It was 2011 and in the past year my wife Jo and I had been on a rollercoaster journey. We had handed in our notice at our reliable and well paying jobs, we had rented out our flat, been through a rigourous visa process, gathered all our savings and we were just about to take our first flight on a nearly 5000 mile journey. We were heading to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for what at the time was only one year of study. Why would we pay such a high price? Were we mad? You decide…

The Journey

For the previous two years we had been feeling restless, but in a good way. We sensed something stirring in our hearts. We were awakened to just how big God’s Kingdom was and just how much we can expect him to move in our lives today. We had been inspired by other leaders in our lives who were pursuing healing and miracles with some success.

We had also stumbled across a series of films made by film maker Darren Wilson all about God at work supernaturally all around the world. We read books by Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton that caused our hearts to burn. Questions were being raised left, right and centre as we stumbled forward trying to pursue the more of God. The biggest questions were all about why were we not seeing what God was doing elsewhere here? As we explored this question the barriers seemed to crumble before us.

In one of the films we watched we saw some students in a small town in the US called Redding who would listen to God then go out into their community and see miracles happen as they followed God’s leading. They were students at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). Radical and free these men and women both inspired and challenged us. If what they said about this place was true we had to go and experience this for ourselves. If there was more to Christianity than we had so far experienced we had to see it, live it and become it. Our hunger drew us forward through the criticism, confusion and seemingly wise advice.

In Pursuit of Possibility

Our hearts had been captured by a message. A message that there is more available than we had ever dreamed possible. The surpassing greatness of the possibility of an unlimited life with God made any potential sacrifice pale in comparison. If we would not risk now when would be a good day to risk?

We arrived in Redding two weeks before the school started without somewhere to live, without any transport and without a full understanding of what we had said a whole hearted yes to. Yet we were exhilarated by the journey so far and blown away by the testimony of God’s provision, faithfulness and grace.

We ended up spending two years in this small town learning more than we could have imagined. Having discovered new depths of God’s heart and power we will never be the same again. It is that journey we bring to Scotland. A pursuit of God, his Kingdom here on earth and the potential of a hungry group of sons and daughters. You will never regret time dedicated to growth and God.

Have you thought about investing in your relationship with God through attending a supernatural school? What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?