“The ESST environment is amazing; honour and love are modelled so well and there is such hunger for more of God. Seeing myself the way God sees me has been transformational in so many areas of my life and my perspective on hard situations has hugely shifted as a result.”

Rowena Worthington Student 2015-17

“I’ve moved from trying to thriving, and my understanding of my relationship with God has been transformed. Knowing God’s goodness has broken the shame that hindered the abundant life God has for me, and changed how I view myself and others.”

John Drummond  Student 2015-17

“Doing esst has been so significant for us. I’ve never been in an environment as safe as this – the values of the school make everything else possible. All the challenges, the risk-taking, the changes, the radical external stuff and the deep internal stuff – it’s safe because we’re being loved and honoured and celebrated all the time. Simply experiencing the relentless love of people has been a new expression of God’s love to me, helping me to trust that God really means it when He says He loves me.

“I’ve done things that I can still barely believe I’ve done – it turns out I’m braver than I thought!”

I came on the course knowing that I lacked assurance in my identity in Christ, and knowing that much of the goodness in my life was undermined because of that. The shift is still a work in progress, but my thinking is being completely rewired, and so much is beginning to make sense.

I’ve done things that I can still barely believe I’ve done – it turns out I’m braver than I thought! I realised that my expectation for God’s presence and purpose in life was almost nil, and that has completely changed – now I find myself asking God what He wants to do in all sorts of random situations, because I believe He’s with me, seeing the people I’m seeing, and wanting to love them.

Neil and Jo are the real deal – completely authentic in their pursuit of God, in their commitment to the students, and their passion for the church to be all that God intended.”

Judith Adair
Student 2013-2014

“It’s been one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done, certainly is life transforming…it’s impossible to be taken into Gods presence and not be changed. One of the main things ESST has taught me is to connect with and encounter God, to seek His presence more than anything else. Being with Him in His presence I begin to change…I begin to know the truth of who He is and who I am in Him! Loving this journey with Him!”

Heather Wilson
Student 2013-2014

“My outlook is much more positive and hope-filled…”

“For me, ESST has been an incredible journey with God.  I have loved the thought-provoking teaching, the sense of freedom to step out of our comfort zones, getting to know the others on the school and I have experienced powerful encounters with God’s presence.  I have a clearer understanding of how God made me, how he sees me and His purpose for my life.  My outlook is much more positive and hope-filled and I have greater faith than ever to see God break in to situations and transform the lives of people, both in my personal circle and in Edinburgh and Scotland.”

Claire Murray
Student 2013-2014

“Being a student on ESST has been amazing and incredible. There were things I had to sacrifice to do it, but I have not a single regret because what I gave up I have been given back in abundance. It has impacted my life and the life of my family. I am so much more confident in hearing God’s voice, I can see that I have grown so much in the gift of prophecy which is really exciting. I know I am bringing God’s kingdom wherever I go. There were areas in my life that I was struggling with which I have seen God bring a new freedom into. Being part of a community of people who were all on a journey has made deep and lasting relationships. I pray with a new confidence and I believe I will never be the same again.”

Sophia Lyons
Student 2013-2014