“It’s been one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done, certainly is life transforming…it’s impossible to be taken into Gods presence and not be changed. One of the main things ESST has taught me is to connect with and encounter God, to seek His presence more than anything else. Being with Him in His presence I begin to change…I begin to know the truth of who He is and who I am in Him! Loving this journey with Him!”

Heather Wilson, student 2013-2014

“ESST has been an incredible journey with God.  I have experienced powerful encounters with God’s presence.  I have a clearer understanding of how God made me, how he sees me and His purpose for my life.”
Claire Murray, student 2013-2014
“ESST has lifted my eyes to see what is happening in the heavenly realm and given me the confidence to take the risk and call it to earth.”
David Lyons, student 2014-15
“ESST has re-ignited my passion for the Lord because He has shown His passion for me… I feel bigger, braver, stronger, cherished, released, creatively empowered and excited to explore what else the Lord has for me.”
Sarah Stanger, student 2014-2015
“The teaching has been amazing – really good to just go deeper and hear absolute truth, a lot of which I thought I already knew, but considering how much it’s wrecked me I don’t think I did!”
Rowena Worthington, student 2015-2017
“I have so appreciated (and benefitted!) from being in the atmosphere of faith, love and freedom that permeates ESST. It feels like a special privilege to spend time in a community where the Holy Spirit is free to manifest His gifts and fruit in abundance.”
Sally Stuart, student 2015-2017
“The worship has taken me so much deeper than I have ever experienced before and released a freedom and joy being in His Presence.”
Linda Dowling, student 2015-2016, 2017-18
“My small group has motivated me to move into the destiny that God has placed on my life, my peers have encouraged me to delve into what He has for my life and the leaders have taught me how to live a naturally supernatural life. I surely will never forget this year of new beginnings. Thank you ESST Team.”
Ewan MacDonald, student 2016-18
“ESST has to be the best thing I have ever done and has felt like a gift from God! I have met with Jesus in a new way and have experienced His comfort, healing and presence in situations from the past and present and can testify to the transformation He promises when we renew our minds with His truth. ”
Carolyn Innes, student 2016-18
“ESST is such a good place to learn about God and experience all the gifts he has for us and to try them out in a safe place and make new friends along the way. Everyone is so encouraging and the course is great, I loved it and just want more of Jesus and ESST. ”
Helen Hogg, student 2016-18