ESST 2 – Leading in Transformation

Year 2 is open to all graduates of our first year programme and takes our students further into the practicalities, skill and character needed to bring transformation to our world. There is an emphasis on practical leadership and being influential wherever God has put you.


      • Leadership development
      • Personality awareness
      • Developing Kingdom Culture in and through our lives
      • Growing in intimacy with God and living a life of encounters
      • Communication and relationship skills
      • Being resilient and sustainable in our life with God

In addition to teaching from the ESST team we also have guest speakers who have high level leadership experience both inside and outside the Church.


Our second year program runs in parallel to our first year. There are shared worship and outreach times but distinct teaching sessions and small groups. Our second years help us in establishing culture and take responsibility for helping us lead our first years at different points throughout the year.


Our second years have the same financial, time and homework requirements as our first years. There are a different set of books to be read and homework will be tailored to themes covered.