Year 1 of our school is the entry point. Read about what it contains below.


The main themes will include amongst other topics:

      • Identity
        – Understanding who we are in Christ shapes the way we view and impact the world.
      • The Father heart of God
        – God is a really good and perfect Father waiting to give good gifts to his children.
      • Prophetic
        – Hearing God’s voice is at the heart of our relationship with Him. He has placed gold within each person around us ready for us to uncover.
      • Supernatural
        – We are called to the impossible and expect God to show up in unusual ways.
      • Activation
        – We do not need only information, but transformation through action. Let’s get practical.
      • The presence of God
        – The presence of God is what sets us apart. In His presence we find life, joy, love and answers to the worlds questions. We love to worship our King and encounter him face to face.


There will be required reading and home study throughout the school year. We understand that life is busy, so most of your learning will be within school hours. Learning will be very much self-directed and we believe you will get out as much as you put in.

Hearing God’s voice is at the heart of our relationship with Him.

You will receive books as part of your tuition cost to read throughout the school year. The cost of the books are non- refundable, if you already own any of the books you receive as part of the school, please see it as an opportunity to bless someone else with a copy. For each book you will be expected to complete a short report where we ask you to explore your own thoughts on the subject and discuss how you are applying the teaching to your life.

Following a successful application you will be asked to read ‘When Heaven invades Earth’ by Bill Johnson in the lead up to the school starting. This book is not included in the cost of your tuition. A report on this book will be due within the first couple of weeks of school starting.

In order to complete the year successfully you must have no outstanding homework remaining come graduation.

Books are primarily from Bethel Church authors including: Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton, Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson and Culture of Honor by Danny Silk.


As well as meeting together as a class we split the school into smaller groups to help facilitate personal growth and community. Small groups are same sex groups of 4 or 5 where there will encouragement, strength and support as well as a forum to discuss the teaching.


We have a huge heart for worship at ESST and love to spend extended time in praise enjoying God’s presence.

We have a huge heart for worship at ESST and love to spend extended time in praise enjoying God’s presence. Worship is what we were made to do and it is in this place that God meets us personally and corporately to inspire, challenge and transform us. We cannot spend time in God’s presence and remain the same! It is often in this time of pouring out praise to our King that he shows up in miraculous ways. ESST is a catalyst to a lifestyle of worship.

We often have guest worship leaders come and join us at different stages in the year, including Allan McKinlay and Fiona Crow.


As part of the school we will take what we have been learning and apply it to bring transformation to people we encounter outside of church. Some possible outreach activities include treasure hunts, healing on the streets, prophetic booths and more! These provide opportunities to bless our local community but also enable students to step out and take risk. You will be amazed at the things you see God do through you as you seek to love those around you!