Faith Requires Risk

And so to core value number 7. As human beings we have a tendency towards comfort. We tend to avoid pain, discomfort or challenge as much as possible if left to our own devices. Even when we have taken a big risk, perhaps to start something new, we still tend towards safety, predictability and […]

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Story Time – 3 Reasons We Love Testimony

Throughout history story telling has always been a powerful way of sharing information and for creating and passing on culture. Long before the internet, the printing press and even written language there existed stories. Huddled by fires, in houses and huts with families and friends. Personally I love telling our daughter stories before bed – such a […]

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Fully Persuaded

I was reading my bible recently when a phrase jumped right off the page at me. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. It keeps returning still full of the same potential and intrigue as the first time.

I have been reading through Paul’s letter to the Romans, a book I […]

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Why I went to a supernatural school

The excitement was building as we headed to the airport. It was 2011 and in the past year my wife Jo and I had been on a rollercoaster journey. We had handed in our notice at our reliable and well paying jobs, we had rented out our flat, been through a rigourous visa process, […]

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