Change is here to stay

The times they are a’ changing! As they often say the only constant in our life is change.

Our school was birthed out of a vision for our nation. We are passionate about the possibility of transformed lives impacting where we live. Since 2013 we have been investing in the lives of all God would […]

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The Goodness of God

Right at the top of our list of core values as a school we place the Goodness of God. For us it has such importance it must be number one. It also has one of the biggest impacts on the rest of our values and our environment.

Experience tells us that most people in church […]

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Our Core Values

We have a big vision to see sons and daughters raised up to bring transformation to our nation. That visions starts with the culture we build within our school. Our culture is designed to be a place where people are accelerated in their growth, built up in hope and sent out to be a […]

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Retreat Reflections – The Best Me

ESST retreat is always an extra special weekend because it’s all about ‘being together’ – having fun together, building community, and spending time in God’s presence together.

It was a privilege to be staying at Netherurd House in the beautiful Scottish Borders, which this year was made even more beautiful by the covering of fresh […]

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Why I went to a supernatural school

The excitement was building as we headed to the airport. It was 2011 and in the past year my wife Jo and I had been on a rollercoaster journey. We had handed in our notice at our reliable and well paying jobs, we had rented out our flat, been through a rigourous visa process, […]

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There must be more

In January 2012, being something of a pedant, I noticed a friend based in Nashville, Tennessee had misspelled a word in one of his tweets. I tweeted a correction. He thanked me. And, out of the blue, invited me to take some time off work and come and visit him in Nashville. In May […]

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